Mothering’s Best Organic Baby Nursery

Whether you want it soft and serene or fun and whimsical, you know you definitely want it to be toxin-free and safe for baby to sleep and play. So how do you find the safest and cleanest things to make the baby’s nursery everything you dreamed it would be? Easy peasy, as we’ve found the best organic baby nursery decor–everything we love not just for aesthetics and comfort but for safety and security too.

When I was planning my first son’s nursery, I had absolutely no idea that I needed to be picky about everything from the paint to the floor. At the risk of aging myself, information about volatile organic compounds (VOC) and chemicals in flooring materials was just becoming mainstream and spoken about, and I’d not yet known much.

All it took was stepping in his newly painted nursery, though, for me to feel like something wasn’t right. The smell was overwhelming, and I didn’t think it was because I was pregnant. That set me on a research trail about the dangers of VOCs. They’re found in many building materials and let off unstable chemicals in the form of gas. NOW they’re more regulated, but then? Even finding VOC paint was tough, much less really having facts about what it and other toxins can do in a baby’s nursery. Babies have immature lung and respiratory systems, so it’s crucial everything you put in his or her nursery is toxin-free and lets them (and you) breathe easy.

Plus, you want to make sure that what you’re buying is made responsibly and sustainably. Too many baby manufacturers use the excuse that babies grow so quickly and outgrow things so quickly. They feel it okay to use cheaper, unsafe materials in the name of quick consumption. We’re not okay with that, and we know you’re not either.

So, check out what must-haves we’ve found when it comes to organic baby nursery decor and let your imagination run wild (and clean)!

In 2015, Erin Holohan started Dream Evergreenwith the desire to make nursery bedding that was safe for baby and the environment. She started her shop originally on Etsy, and also began the Hearts of Hope Program for NICU parents as they went through their NICU journeys with their babies. All fabric is made in the United States and uses biodegradable inks for safe and personalized bedding and nursery goods. All their scrap material (the less than 5% they don’t use in the construction of their baby items) ends up being used for the Hearts of Hope program so they don’t clog landfills and they work hard to reduce their global carbon footprint. Beautiful boutique items that care about your baby and our earth. We love!

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