Hostess Coaching Guide

 During your first launch party YOU are the HOST.  As you grow your business you can expand by bringing on other to help you Host.  However If you are reading this for the first time, this will help you COACH YOURSELF to SUCCESS. 

Step 1: Get someone to host a party for you!

● Go back through past customers & hostesses and offer it to them 

● Approach friends & family

● Mention the option to host facebook parties during your party talk

● Offer incentives for booking (ie % of sale in Shop Credit  = FREE PRODUCT) 

Step 2: Coach your hostess

It's CRUCIAL to invest time in each hostess; she's the heart of our business. Everyone wants free products, they just don't know how to make that happen - we have to coach them to success!

~ After the hostess books her date, schedule a time to CALL her. By coaching her over the phone, or video chat we're more likely develop a relationship with her. After all, our hostesses are our best potential new team members! Yes, pick up the phone, give her a call, ask her about  her children, let her know that you genuinely care about helping her have a successful party!

At the time of booking Focus on: 
● How to invite ● Who to invite ● When to invite

Hostess Coaching #1

Have the hostess ask her friends & family if they would like an invite to the event. Only those who say yes will get invited to the event.

Hostess Coaching: Just like when doing an in home party it is important to coach your hostesses and help them so they understand what they need to do. Here is an idea of a script you can send to them. Keep in mind the more personal you make it the better it will be. So try to personalize it and make it your own. “Thank you very much for choosing to have your very own ONLINE Facebook Party with me!! I want your party to be as successful as possible!! So try some of these tips I have for you and let's work together to make this a great party! FIRST - We will 'friend' each other on Facebook & then let's schedule your party! The party will be for 7 days. After the party is scheduled, I will create it for when you want it started. You will have your own group/event party page that will have its own URL you can copy and paste on your homepage to help friends and family find it.