Running Facebook Party

  • The posts below are a suggested starting point. I highly recommend you personalize the captions of the post to best suite you.  To get a better idea how you could personalize ... Click Here  to see an example from an actual party



2 Days before Party  

1) Welcome Introduction Post- Time to start building relationships!Use a personal photo:

"Hello - Welcome to to party! My name is ___ and I am absolute lover of Dream Evergreen.  I am also a wife, mother, ____________,  I love________ with my family and _____ on my free time. 
I would love to learn more about you all!  Post a picture and introduce yourself below!"

 2)Topic Post: I have one question at each party that is designed around the interests of the guests. I find this helps them feel more engaged and active in the party because I listened to them. I post this 3 days before the party

"The fun is only 3 days away and I'm busy getting everything prepared! What are you most interested in learning about? --Teethers? --Nursery bedding? --Toddler Room Updates-  Tell me what YOU want to learn about!

3) Prize Post: This is really the reason everyone is coming to the party so I post it about 24 hours before. I like to make a BIG deal about the prizes because they really are great and it is what the guests are probably looking forward to most! And of course, include a picture.

"Curious what the prizes are for tomorrow afternoon's event? Well here they are! Join me HERE at 3pm central to have a chance to win these products and learn about SO many more!"

Hours before Party 

1) Party Point Game

"I have prizes for the person with the most points!

Party Points Facebook Tile

To make this game work better, provide a leaderboard update a few times throughout your Facebook party.

2) Reminder Post!
"Only 30 minutes until the absolute BEST event of your life! (I may or may not be exaggerating, but it really will be pretty awesome!) See you very soon!"




- Introduce yourself

- Thank everyone for coming

- Share favorite products, why your excited ect. 

- Short, sweet, 10 minutes 


 2) Roll Call

"Thank you everyone for coming to my Dream Evergreen Party.  I am so excited to hang out with you! Comment below and tell us what is your nursery style."





Ice- Breaker Games 




Polls - Get to know People Styles and Preferences