Running Facebook Party

(Pre)Posting Tips: ● Non- “salesy” ● Personal / relatable ● Respond to all comments ● Post at varying times ● Use different types of posts ● No political or religious posts ● Last pre-post is the morning of event


Opening Post

Something for guests to see ● Emphasize LIVE ONLINE ● Emphasize how to earn points for free book prize

Introduction Post- Time to start building relationships!

Post 1: Roll Call

Introduce book for the draw ● Start engagement ● You could also share your facebook page at this point.

Post 2: Product Video

Post 4: The invite...

Post 5: Party Wrap-Up ● Thank the hostess ● Let guests know you will be sticking around for 30 minutes to answer questions & take orders Include in the comments: 1. link to the online catalogue 2. customer specials


Behind the scenes: The Hostess The Hostess ● Thank her again for hosting ● Let her know what to expect: ■ How you are taking orders ■ How you are taking payment ■ When the party is closing ● Get her wishlist… or let her know when you’ll need it by


Step 9: Repeat! Yes… this was a fair amount of work but the good news is that you can use all of this again and again… From now on, facebook parties will get easier and easier!