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Robin Egg Swaddle Sack

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Looking to wow the crowd at your next baby shower? Well here is the perfect eye catching gift, a newborn sleep sack! #thoughtful #memorable 


Trendy, practical, and ADORABLE!


These cocoon swaddles are for ages 0-3 months. They are designed to be a grow with me item. Just bunch the swaddle up with your hands, start from the babies feet and work your way up to his or her shoulders. There are no added zippers, no velcro or snaps. The designer knit material gives the softest touch and slight stretch that is desired. 


Our swaddle sacks are designed to be non-constricting and have a loose bottom for the baby's feet to move around freely. The top of the swaddle sack should rest on their shoulders. If you notice it is moving towards the face in any way, If you find the cocoon swaddle to be too long simply tie a knot on the bottom for proper fit. 


Please take care to place your swaddled baby on his or her back and face up when putting down to sleep. Please look up, safe sleeping habits for babies for more info. Stop using the swaddle sack once your baby can roll onto his or her stomach as this may increase the risk of suffocation. 


Care Instructions:

Please put item in a garment bag, wash on gentle cycle with cold water, or hand wash. Dry on low temperature or hang dry.


This listing is for ONE sleep sack only, all other items are props.